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December 9th, 2013

God Bless America 2015
The writings of Jim E. Reames

Jim at Camp Roberts ???


Good novels for just 99 cents!
Better than Mike Savage’s over priced books.


I am a 70 year old Vietnam War Era veteran from Oroville, California, who moved to SW Idaho in 1969. My wife (LaDon) and I own a retail jewelry store in Nampa. I also work as a cybernetic warfare analyst for the federal government, to help protect thousands of FAA computers against cyber attack. I write novels for a hobby, then offer them as e-books for just 99 cents each.

What are my novels about?  In one, you will learn what it felt like being the teenage son of parents who organized nudist colonies, just outside Oroville. In another, you will learn what it’s like working inside a secret federal government cyber war room. In, yet, another you’ll learn the tomfoolery of middle age antics, and a battle of the sexes.  Being a realist, I like to examine hard facts then use them to predict what society, government, economics, and even religion will look like based on the projection of those known facts.  My 1992 novel was a prediction of what life in the USA might look like in 2015.  Yet, another describes my desire of what I’d like Heaven to be like, after this life is ended.  All of my novels get proof read by professional editors before they are made public.  My latest one describes what severe drought does to California then to America.

Why do I offer my novels for only 99 cents?  It’s simple.  I’m not a big name author.  And, I like writing more than I do selling.  If you are interested, then just click on the book cover.  God bless you. And God Bless the USA!



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My Next Novel:  “California Drought” asks the question, “Will God use drought to rebirth old Mexico in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas?”  Jeremiah 14:1

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