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God Bless America 2015
The writings of Jim E. Reames


Valley of the Dry Bones
My 1st novel, the 1992 prediction of America in 2015.  We become a Police State.  Now, 23 years later, we are almost in the “Valley.”

 LaDon’s Lost Diamond
My 2nd novel, a romance/comedy.
Life in a rural Idaho community.

After the Cloud
My 3rd novel, a sequel to “Valley of the Dry Bones”.  Life after the rapture.

Bedrock – 1960
My 4th novel, recalls a day on the river as a teenager back in July 1960.

The Billionaire’s Son – Coming Soon

My 5th novel, about threat of cyber war.
“BLACK-PROMETHeSU$” is a polymorphic, trans-gender, visible, yet highly invisible, extremely mobile, airborne Russian Mafia new variant malware that threatens the future of all Western Civilization computers.  The intent: Destroy the American dollar so Russia can re-birth the gold standard. This Nextgen malware kicks the CIA’s ass!

Seeds of Love  (Now being written)


 My Academic Writings:

“Is America Secure from Asymmetric War?”
Date:  2002
Publisher:  Department of Criminal Justice
Boise State University
Type:  Master’s Degree Thesis
Availability:  BSU library
A post-911 era thesis on asymmetric war, organized crime, and international terrorism

My Professional Articles:

“Police Training – Where is it leading us?” Published by:  The Police Chief Magazine Date:  1976

“Computerizing Law Enforcement” Date: 1977 Published by:  The Association of Idaho Cities Magazine

“The Ten Commandments of Computerized Law Enforcement” Date:  July,  1978 Published by:  The Journal of Californa Law Enforcement Discussed the magic of advanced data mining.

“No Pennies for the Gum Machine” Date:  1978 Published by:  The Journal of Caifornia Law Enforcement. Predicted a futuristic cashless society and use of ATMs  and computer crimes to document the future (upcoming need of cyber cops).

“Budgeting for a Mini-Computer” Date: 1980 Published by:  The Journal of California Law Enforcement.

“VPN Offers New/Powerful Tools to Law Enforcement Communications”  Date: 2000, Published by The Journal of California Law Enforcement.

“Aviation and Law Enforcement” Date:  2000 a.d. Published by: The Journal of California Law Enforcement California Peace Office’s Association Written introduction by:  CHP Commissioner Dwight “Spike” Hemick

My Textbooks:

“Introduction to the Theory of Computerized Law Enforcement” Date: Summer, 1978 Published by: The International Association of Chiefs of Police Was used as an in-class textbook at IACP seminars



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