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God Bless America 2015
The writings of Jim E. Reames


???????????????????????????????I am a professional cybernetic warfare analyst for the United States federal government who writes novels for a hobby.  My work includes predictions of the future, history, action-packed thrillers, autobiography, past law enforcement articles, and even romance comedy.  Most of my novels have at least one LGBT person in it because God called us to love, not hate.

All of my novels are self-published without the benefit of industry wide marketing & promotion. I began my career in data processing as a computer programmer for law enforcement back in the 1970s, on I.B.M. punch cards, went to industry, then to government service. Today, I am a 70 year old “Incident Handler” of cyber-attack events, in the Department of Transportation Security Operations Center (Leesburg, Virginia).  My master’s degree thesis was on organized crime, asymmetric war, and international terrorism. So, I’ve been around a few years.

In view of the current day cyber security issues, and where I work, I could not resist writing a novel about what I see coming down the road at a 100 mph, in our direction, and in our lane of travel.   I wrote that book to help non-technical readers get a glimpse inside the world of advanced cyber security, and at the same time make the book read like an action-packed thriller.  I wanted to introduce the (real life) Russian Mafia hacking group “ATP28″ and the Chinese hackers “Deep Panda” to my readers in non-technical terms, and illustrate what we in cyber defense may see coming our way soon.

At the same time,  I tried making this new novel advanced enough (in plain English) to tweak the interest of the Silicon Valley reader. For example, why a hacker might deliberately hide his malware on a hard drive twice, each facing the other, with a precise 180 degree separation.

Try to imagine a world where all the computers in Western Civilization and our NATO allies get knocked out, while all the computers in communist nation blocks stay intact. It happens in the summer of 2015. Can it happen? Will it happen? Read on, and then decide. My latest novel “The Billionaire’s Son” about cyber war was just published, and is now available. It’s brand new, up to date, and will open lots of reader’s eyes about how cyber security actually functions behind the scenes.

GBA2015  image description

My 1992 prediction of America in 2015.  We become a Police State.  Now, 23 years later, we are almost in that “Valley.”  This novel predicted the 2015 California drought like I stepped from 1992 into 2015 and took pictures.

In this book one of those raptured is an LGBT deputy sheriff.
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LaDon’s Lost Diamond

Second most popular with my readers.

Romance/Comedy about life in rural Idaho.
My 2nd novel, in 2002.
Are you tired of war, terrorism, corrupt politics, and bad news?  Just when it seems the world is going to Hell in a hand basket, along comes a funny, semi-true,  story.   It’s romantic, funny, and part non-fiction, all about my own wife, family, neighbors, and friends here in our rural community just west of Boise. This novel is guaranteed to make you laugh!  It is the perfect mental escape from today’s ugly politics, war, terrorism, and political correctness.


Ask yourself:  Are women sneakier, more devious, and smarter than men?
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 After the Cloud

A Christian novel written for the LGBT community.

My 3rd novel, a sequel to “Valley of the Dry Bones” and “GBA2015″.  This is a continuation of the story, where half of the book describes life on Earth after the Rapture, and the other half describes what I’d like Heaven to be like.  In this story one of the new arrivals in Heaven comes straight out of the LGBT community in San Francisco, to communicate God loves all of us.

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 Bedrock – 1960

Most popular with my readers.

My 4th novel, recalls a day on the river as a teenager back in July 1960.
This novel records what it was really like being 15, during the Cold War, before the war in Vietnam, before cell phones, computers, iPads, and big government interference, when we teenagers spent entire days swimming, playing, flirting, and loving, without parental oversight.   We were FREE!   “Baby boomer” readers will love it!

Remember touching that erotic spot for the first time?
Come read, and she will feel it again.  But this is not a book about sex.  It’s a book about teenage feelings, fears, doubts, life, death, love, trusts, and comradery, long before cell phones and modern technology.  Before Vietnam.
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“The Billionaire’s Son”Now available!

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New-coverMy 5th novel, is all  about tomorrow’s cybernetic war.

“BLACK-PROMETHeU$” is a polymorphic, trans-gender, visible, yet highly invisible, extremely mobile, airborne Russian Mafia new variant malware that threatens the future of all Western Civilization computers.  The intent: Destroy the American dollar so Russia can re-birth the gold standard. This Nextgen malware kicks the CIA’s ass!  The malware is pre-scheduled to strike on August 12, 2015.   This novel will be like reading tomorrow’s newspapers in real time, today.

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Seeds of Love   Still being written

My 6th novel, is about the true Vietnam era love-triangle involving three of my teenage friends, when we were growing up in Oroville, California, in the 1960s.  Jim N. and  Tom B. both love the younger beauty-queen, JoAnn.   While JoAnn tries to survive alone, without her lover Jim, and other best friend Tom, both men go to Vietnam only to return different people.  Meanwhile, she gets entangled in a domestic abuse marriage.  Satan tried to kill them.  But God would not allow it.  This story is based on real Christian faith events.  This slightly enhanced story is as I witnessed it.

Expected publication date:  September, 2015


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 My Academic Writings:

“Is America Secure from Asymmetric War?”
Date:  2002
Publisher:  Department of Criminal Justice
Boise State University
Type:  Master’s Degree Thesis
Availability:  BSU library
A post-911 era thesis on asymmetric war, organized crime, and international terrorism

My Professional Articles:

“Police Training – Where is it leading us?” Published by:  The Police Chief Magazine Date:  1976

“Computerizing Law Enforcement” Date: 1977 Published by:  The Association of Idaho Cities Magazine

“The Ten Commandments of Computerized Law Enforcement” Date:  July,  1978 Published by:  The Journal of Californa Law Enforcement Discussed the magic of advanced data mining.

“No Pennies for the Gum Machine” Date:  1978 Published by:  The Journal of Caifornia Law Enforcement. Predicted a futuristic cashless society and use of ATMs  and computer crimes to document the future (upcoming need of cyber cops).

“Budgeting for a Mini-Computer” Date: 1980 Published by:  The Journal of California Law Enforcement.

“VPN Offers New/Powerful Tools to Law Enforcement Communications”  Date: 2000, Published by The Journal of California Law Enforcement.

“Aviation and Law Enforcement” Date:  2000 a.d. Published by: The Journal of California Law Enforcement California Peace Office’s Association Written introduction by:  CHP Commissioner Dwight “Spike” Hemick

My Textbooks:

“Introduction to the Theory of Computerized Law Enforcement” Date: Summer, 1978 Published by: The International Association of Chiefs of Police Was used as an in-class textbook at IACP seminars



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