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God Bless America 2015
The writings of Jim E. Reames



“Valley of the Dry Bones”
Date: 1992
Type:  Futuristic prediction, Christian, fiction
Predicted life in the America of 2015.
Published by: The Word Farm, as a hardback

After some 22 years on the market “Valley of the Dry Bones” witnessed the arrival of most of its predictions.  This book served its purpose.  It will be removed from the market on or about January 1, 2014.  For those seeking a copy of this old book, the author suggests you contact some of the used book stores in or near Boise, Idaho.

“LaDon’s Lost Diamond”
Date: 2010
Type:  Romance\Comedy, fiction
Published by:  Jim E. Rames
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“Bedrock 1960″
Finally Done and now available!

Autobiography & USA History
A Teenager’s Day at Bedrock City Park” July 2, 1960
Published by Jim E. Reames, Sept 6, 2013

This book was submitted to Pultizer
But to preserve a personal friendship this book may be removed from the market soon.



“Is America Secure from Asymmetric War?”
Date:  2002
Publisher:  Department of Criminal Justice
Boise State University
Type:  Master’s Degree Thesis
Availability:  BSU library
A post-911 era thesis on asymmetric war, organized crime, and international terrorism

Professional Articles:

“Police Training – Where is it leading us?” Published by:  The Police Chief Magazine Date:  1976

“Computerizing Law Enforcement” Date: 1977 Published by:  The Association of Idaho Cities Magazine

“The Ten Commandments of Computeized Law Enforcement” Date:  July,  1978 Published by:  The Journal of Californa Law Enforcement Discussed the magic of advanced data mining.

“No Pennies for the Gum Machine” Date:  1978 Published by:  The Journal of Caifornia Law Enfrocement Predicted a futuristic cashless society and use of ATMs  and computer crimes.

“Budgeting for a Mini-Computer” Date: 1980 Published by:  The Journal of California Law Enforcement

“Aviation and Law Enforcement” Date:  2000 a.d. Published by: The Journal of California Law Enforcement California Peace Office’s Association Written introduction by:  CHP Commissioner Dwight “Spike” Hemick


“Introduction to the Theory of Computerized Law Enforcement” Date: Summer, 1978 Published by: The International Association of Chiefs of Police Was used as an in-class textbook at IACP seminars


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